Rain Water Harvesting Works

Rainwater Harvesting Systems capture rainwater by directing it from large surfaces (e.g. roofs) to an underground or over-ground holding tank. The harvested rainwater is filtered and then pumped directly to the appliances or to a header tank. Domestic or commercial applications include:

  • Flushing toilets
  • Washing machines
  • Washing vehicles
  • Gardening and irrigation
  • Showers
  • Sinks
  • Baths
Rain Water Harvesting Work

The need to capture, store, filter and reuse rainfall is becoming more and more important. As water companies increase their prices and the population grows, demands on mains water continues to rise. Coupled with consumer demand for companies to reduce their environmental impact, rainwater harvesting is increasingly sought after by both the general public and commercial organisations.

Rainwater is a free natural resource which you can capture, store and use in your building, whether it is an existing building or a new build. The existing roof, gutter system and downpipes on a building can easily be used to collect rainwater, which flows through a pipe network into the system.

We provide rain water harvesting for high rise building up to 22 storey, villas, farm house, homes, office, hotel, restaurants, school and colleges, retail outlets and public building, such as hospitals and libraries.